outlabeledPie type have issues when using with chart templates

Hi, When using the chart templates for the outlabelled pie, and generating the template URL, the changes are not reflected if we need to override the data as explained in Short URLs and Templates | QuickChart.
overriding the value for labels work but not for data

For example, take a look at this URL template:

Notice when you open this https://quickchart.io/chart/render/sf-48cd0a4c-a11b-441e-9ff6-4299076d5b43?data=11,22,33,44,55&labels=q1,q2,q3,q4,q5
in browser, the labels match as per URL but the data in the graph doesnt.

Hi @karan,

The immediate issue is that to properly override the data series, you have to set data1, not data.

However I notice with this chart it’s resulting in a separate issue outlined here: Labelled pie charts not showing up, which can be fixed by setting devicePixelRatio to 2:


Hope this helps!

Hi @ian thanks for the reply. The solution worked.