500 on API call for get_short_url()

Hello there.

I am encountering the issue when creating the short url with python qc lib. The request returns status 500, and in the response you can find the following cloudfare snippet:

`You’ve requested a page on a website (quickchart.io) that is on the 5xx Error network. An unknown error occurred while rendering the page.

What can I do?
If you are the owner of this website: you should cloudflare.com/login?utm_source=error_100x login to Cloudflare and check the error logs for quickchart.io.`

The error is raised by the _post() itself, not the get_short_url() error handling

File ".../site-packages/quickchart/__init__.py", line 103, in _post raise RuntimeError( RuntimeError: Invalid response code from chart creation endpoint

altough it the call DOES work fine for the get_url().

Do you note the same issue?

Hi @bow, this was a transient issue that should now be resolved.

Thanks, @ian - it seems to work now. :wink: