All Charts in your chart gallery can be converted to the chart-maker/view

I am new here exploring what I can create with QuickChart. I’ve been exploring your chart gallery and I found great charts to work with. I used the chart editor to manipulate charts but I found out that the chart-maker/view only works for certain type of charts and not all your creations in the chart gallery. Please inform me if I am wrong.

As example I took your chart speedometer chart and I opened it in the editor, It generates the following url: As result it is an image, but I wanted to be interactive so I need to change chart/render by chart-maker/view so the url becomes No-Code Chart Maker. The problem here is it does not work, unless I use a common chart like bar or line

Hi @apalacios,

You’re right that not every chart is compatible with the Chart Maker, the speedometer chart included. Generally, compatibility issues come with custom Javascript logic or custom plugins (like speedometer). This is something that we’d like to support, but unfortunately no ETA on when that will happen.