Annotation shows up in render but not in chart-maker viewer


Here’s a sample render:

If I view the same ID via the chart-maker viewer:

note that the horizontal line annotation does not appear:

Is there a way to get the annotation to appear in the chart-maker viewer?

Thank you!


I tried to post an update but I got the following message:

So here’s the post as a screenshot. :joy:

Hey @dharmatech,

The Chart Maker names its axes X1, Y1, and Y2. That means you can create annotations by naming the yAxes object and set scaleID in the annotation:

    scales: {
      yAxes: [{
        id: 'Y1',
    annotation: {
      annotations: [
          value: 3.75,
          scaleID: 'Y1',
          borderWidth: 4,
          type: 'line',
          label: {
            content: 'EFFR low',
            enabled: true,
          mode: 'horizontal',
          borderColor: 'red',

Here’s an example that displays properly in image form as well as the chart maker:


Chart Maker: No-Code Chart Maker

Hope this helps!

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@ian ,

Works perfectly. Thank you!

Here’s the full PowerShell script for anyone who’s curious:

The resulting output:

Link to the chart: