Axis title does not display

I don’t understand why my Y axis title is not been displayed.

Here is what I have try in the sandbox.

What did I do wrong?

Hi @Jeremie,

This is a Chart.js v3 config. You must switch the version to 3 under “Chart Settings”. If you are building a URL, be sure to include the version=3 parameter.

Here’s a working sandbox link

Thank you very much @ian.

Does that means that the version used by the url is by default 2.9.4?

If I would use PHP library, what would be the default version?

Finally, I am trying to use the version 2 of chart.js, but I still don’t get the axis title. What did I do wrong?

The API defaults to the latest version of v2. To use the latest version 3 in the PHP library, call setVersion('3') on your chart object. Docs here: GitHub - typpo/quickchart-php: PHP client for QuickChart chat API

Your v2 config is almost correct. You just need to make yAxes an array. Here’s the fixed version :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answers and your patience :grinning: