Chart is blurry when fitting chart to page

Hello, im trying to create a chart url and display it on a web page. By default the chart is small but I was able to change the size by changing the height and width styling of the image element using the chart url. When I increase the size though, the chart becomes blurry:

I looked into maybe specifying a height and width for the chart before generating the URL but couldnt find anything that worked.

here is an example of a chart im trying to display and how im displaying it:

jsfiddle example:

Hi @Fiaai,

It looks like the chart you’re generating is 1000x600. You’ll have to set the width and height parameters to size it so that it’s not stretched (see parameters documentation). On my screen, your example looks good after adding w=1600&h=840.

Also worth noting that certain devices have high-DPI displays, and you may need to request a larger chart to prevent blurriness. There is a primer on how to display sharp images on retina devices here.

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