Chart Maker : Unable to modify the data label colors

Hi all,

I am currently using Chart Maker no-code tool and I face a strange problem and I dont know if it’s a bug or me who do something incorrect :

On the “Data Label” part of the Chart Maker, I am unable to change the value of theses 3 fields :

  • Background color (by default : #eee)
  • Border color (by default : #ddd)
  • Font color (by default : #666666)

I can’t erase the value, and when I select another color in the chroma selector, that didnt change the value.

So I wanted to know if it was normal or a bug ? Especially because I have this problem only on the “Data Label” part, others part like “Data” work without problems.

Thanks in advance for the help !

Hi @Benoit,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. It was indeed a bug, and should be fixed now if you give the page a refresh.