"Chart not found" since this moring on my charts

Hi all,

Around 2 months ago I created a bunch of charts using the Chart Maker tool, everything worked perfectly fine until this morning when I discovered all my charts links dont work anymore, on click they all send me to a black page with the message “chart not found”. What do that mean ? Do charts have a “expiration timer” I don’t know about ? Do I need to remake them all ? And if yes, do I have a way to get rid of this “expiration timer” ?

Thanks in advance !


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Hi Benoit,

I know we talked via email about expiration limits, but leaving a message here for future readers!

Unfortunately, to control storage costs, charts created by the Chart Maker will expire if they’re not used in a while. For free users charts may expire after a few days of not being used. For paid users, this limit is much higher - 6 months to a year, and can be extended further.

Hi Ian,

Love the platform.

Any idea how many days are we talking about over here?

Hi @chirantan, currently charts on the free tier will expire in 3-4 days by default.