Hey Ian :raising_hand_man:

I didn’t see any mention of chartjs-plugin-zoom in the documentation or the community forum:

It would be nice to use this plugin with ‘chart-maker/view’ charts.

In a pinch, I’ll sometimes load the chart in the editor and change the min and max values for the axes. This works, but it would be nice if the end user could interactively change the zoom level.

Consider adding support for this at some point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an example of a chart that would have been nice to interactively zoom:

As described above, I ended up using the editor to zoom in to the crowded area near the vertical red line.


Hi @dharmatech,

Just want to let you know this is on the TODO list! It will probably happen after we upgrade the Chart Maker to Chart.js version 3.


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Amazing news! Thank you Ian!