Convert scientific notations to fixed decimal values


I am using no-code chart maker and I have type set as Logarithmic on both x and y-axis. I am providing data as (x,y) on both datasets.

The Tick mark labels then come out as scientific notations. I found I can change this using Tick format. However, When I do this, it only makes changes to the y-axis and x-axis remains in scientific notation.

X-axis tick mark does change to fixed decimal value in the preview but the change is only applied to the y-axis after saving and loading a API template.

Here is the link to the editor with data.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if this is a problem.

Thank you,

Hi @shishir7,

We’ve deployed a fix that applies the tickFormat plugin to all numeric axes, rather than just the original.

Your chart should work properly in image form now too:

More broadly, you’ve uncovered an inconsistency between the Chart Maker and the underlying image editor. The Chart Maker uses numeral.js, whereas the image renderer uses the much lighterweight tickFormat plugin. This is something that’s on our TODO list to reconcile.