Custom series Color in Polar Area Chart

I’m generating a Polar area chart with 7 data series. Everything works fine, except that the last two data series are the same color. I figured I could force the color, but it’s not working.

I have tried adding the following to the chart url string:

  1. “&backgroundColor1=red, &backgroundColor1=blue” …etc.


2)“&backgroundColor=red, blue, purple”… etc

Neither one works

Hi @JeremySmith, are you able to share a full URL example? It’ll be easier for me to troubleshoot that way.

Sure… kinda…

This is the code to pull the data from Airtable

“?labels=” & ARRAYJOIN(PlayerName, “,”) &

“&data1=” & ARRAYJOIN({WinPct}*100, “,”) &

“&backgroundColor=” & ARRAYJOIN({bkgdColor}, “,”)

Which generates this URL

Does that help any?


Hi @JeremySmith, the background colors only appear for the first 5 datasets because you have only set 5 background colors in the Chart Maker.

There are two potential solutions:

  1. If you specify 7 background colors in the chart maker, they should work by default.
  2. Set data1 and backgroundColor1 to a list of background colors. This is because all the pie slices are considered to be in dataset #1.

Here’s an example of approach #2:,Amy,Eddie,Lunchbox,Morgan,Abby,Caller&data1=1,2,3,4,5,6,7&backgroundColor1=Red,Pink,Blue,Brown,Purple,Orange,Gray

Hope this helps!