Customizing Google Sheets QR code QuickChart vCard example

I would like to edit/add more data to a vcard generator in google sheets. I dont see a way to edit in the sheet. I am an amateur, probably going a little to far above my skill set. Is this an easy customization? or do I truly need developer skills? attached snip has highlighted columns of what I am starting with.

Hi @captainnoah, in order to edit or add more data to the vCard itself, you’ll have to edit the cell you have selected. The resulting cell value must be a valid vCard format: vCard - Wikipedia. Various properties are supported by the format (and iOS/Android are programmed to recognize specific properties), so you can add properties and data accordingly.

Ian, thanks so much. I assumed there was specific formatting/words. Didnt think to check wikipedia, thanks for the link, much appreciated !! I will go forth and learn more.

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