Different chart size issue

When using the no code chart maker, and setting the canvas size to 550x350, I get a graph that is exactly 550x350.

However, when using the advanced, code chart maker, and setting the size (in the chart settings) to 550x350, I get a 1100x700 graph.

The thing is, both of these charts (despite having different sizes on the final result) have the exact same layout. If I want to get the same size on the no code chart maker (by setting the size to 1100x700), it’ll change the layout of the graph.

How can I get an upscaled result like the advanced editor whilst maintaining the same layout?

Hi @Hyporos,

You can append &devicePixelRatio=1 to the Advanced Chart Config URL to force it to use the width and height.

The explanation here is that the code chart maker uses retina-compatible sizing by default. It’s unfortunately something we need to keep that way for backwards compatibility reasons.


thanks Ian

however, setting doesn’t make a difference for my use case. I realized that 2 (which is default) doubles the scale, which is what I want, but it’s not doing so. it’s outputting at the same dimensions as what is stated in the no code chart maker

if i double it and then set the value to 1, it still changes the layout of the graph (smaller text, more compact ticks) but i want the layout to stay as if it’s a small graph