Drawing of Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC)

Hi. Is it possible to create a graphic like this in quickchart.io? When yes how? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bruno,

I would recommend just using a dual-axis bar chart with labels for this. You have 2 numeric axis and one set of labels. This is a much simpler approach. For example:

Here’s a link to the chart editor

However, with a little creativity, your chart can be created using the box annotations feature. The trick is in constructing boxes of the correct width, height, and position. After creating a box annotation, we add a corresponding label annotation. For example:

Link to chart editor

Note that all examples here use Chart.js v3.

Hi ian. Thanks for the quick help. I’ll take a look at it, the second one looks like what we want. Sincerely, Bruno