Error:Image load: Timeout of 1000ms exceeded

I am trying to watermark an image that already got watermarked using QuickChart using its QuickChart-Generated-URL but the connect always timeout.

The constructed URL (using the encoded URL of the watermarked image) timeout when I try to use URL for the watermarked image in the ‘mainImageUrl’ parameter.
Below is the example of the constructed URL that timeout

if anyone else have the same error and able to solve it.

Hi @kingda,

Copying my answer from the other thread. It looks like chaining watermark requests is a bit too much for the limitations of the free tier, which require that the operation completes in under 1 second.

One idea is that you could combine the two watermarks into a single watermark image, and use the API as originally outlined. Otherwise, we’d have to raise the image loading deadline, which is something that we can’t do for free plans (as there is no way to identify your request specifically).