Filtering data from external collection at QuickChart API

Hello, i have a question about filtering data.

At my QuickChart Editor, I tried to use ‘filterByFormula’ at plugins’ url value. ‘filterByFormula’ used to filtering records at the Airtable API.
But it made Chart error.
// Chart error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘message’)

Can QuickChart API use filterByFormula or any other way to choose datasets?

Example: TableA includes 4 item (Name, Usage, Xdata, Ydata). I want to make a chart which data is Xdata and label is Ydata when those Name column is ‘aaa’. This chart doesn’t include some records which Name = ‘bbb’.

FYI my JSON’s options setting:

options: {
    plugins: {
      airtable: {
        apiKey: 'MY_API_KEY',
        url: 'h/t/t/p/s/://{baseId}/{tableIdOrName}/listRecords?filterByFormula={AnyAirtableFormula}',
        labelField: 'Xdata',
        dataFields: ['Ydata'],

Best Regards.

Hi @chihiro,

Unfortunately we don’t support filterByFormula. However, you can filter on the QuickChart side by using the airtable.filter property.

Here is an example with Google Sheets, but Airtable supports the same: Filter Label columns from Google Sheets - #3 by ian

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your reply.

I would like to wait updating filtering add-on.

Best Regards.