Filtering dynamic Airtable data?


Is there any way to dynamically filter data using the Airtable filter? For instance, if I have a Airtable table with an “email” field, can the chart only show entries with the email from the person who just filled out a form?

Here’s the scenario in my situation:

  1. Person fills out an Airtable form (form has several survey multiple-choice questions, like “on a scale of 1-4, please rate how likely you are to…”)
  2. Airtable sends an automated email with the form responses to the person’s email address
  3. Embed a Quickchart chart into the email, only show responses of the person who filled out the form (using their email as the unique field identifier). The chart’s X access would list out 4-5 of the multiple-choice questions, the Y access would show their scores (scale of 1-4).

Is this possible to dynamically filter based on an email from a form?