Gauge chart unexpected error

I´m trying to use gauge this chart in Appsheet:{type:'radialGauge',data:{datasets:[{data:[**67** ],backgroundColor:'red'}]},options:{trackColor: 'rgb(224, 224, 22)',centerPercentage: 70,roundedCorners: false}}

in this way the result its Ok, but when i change 67 by PCMM wich is the column with a percentage by month (KPI), the gauge doesn´t appear. Only appear a square with letters, like “ecE” or “exp”.
Would you help me?

Hi @vlackieapps,

It looks like the issue may be that you are not URL-encoding your chart. I believe there is an ENCODEURL function in AppSheet that will do this ENCODEURL() - AppSheet Help

If you are URL encoding and still running into issues, could you please provide an example URL of a chart that does not work in AppSheet?