How do you change the font size of the data label in a doughnut chart?

I have figured out how to change the size of the data labels inside the doughnut and the doughnut label using

"options: {
   "plugins": {
       "datalabels: {}
       "doughnutlabels": {}

but I cannot find any docs on changing the size of the data labels that float above the chart.

"chart": {
            "type": 'doughnut',
            "data": {
                "labels": ['In Progress', 'In Review', 'Not Started'],
                "datasets": [{
                    "label": 'MRs',
                    "data": [int(in_progress), int(in_review), int(not_started)],
                    "backgroundColor": ['blue', 'green', 'red']

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 08.58.40

Hi @djh,

These are called legend labels. Font size is adjustable in Chart.js v2 via options.legend.labels.fontSize. See Chart.js documentation here

Example chart with legend font size adjusted