How to add size and colour to QR codes in excel

Hi, i have successfully using your formula generated qr codes In excel. however I cant work out how to add into the formula other parameters for example to change the size or colour and add a logo in the centre?
can anyone help me?

Hi @dean,

Yes, this is possible by using the dark and centerImageUrl URL parameters to set the color and logo URL respectively (see documentation on parameters here).

I’ve emailed you a modified spreadsheet, but here is the formula for the “QR Code URL” cell:

=IF(ISBLANK(A3), "", ""&ENCODEURL(A3)) & "&dark=" & ENCODEURL($E$2) & "&centerImageUrl=" & ENCODEURL($F$2)

This assumes a hexadecimal color value (e.g. #00ff00) is in cell E2, and the logo URL is in cell F2.

Hope this helps!