How to display value instead of percentage on outlabeledDoughnut?

I’m using QuickChart with Ruby on Rails and, according to the Chart.js docs I can find, this should produce an outlabeledDoughnut chart that displays the actual raw values rather than the values as a percentage (like you’d get with “%p”):

            outlabels: {
              text: "%l %v",
              color: "black",
              stretch: 25,
              font: {
                resizable: true,
                minSize: 12,
                maxSize: 18
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But this isn’t working at all. “%l” on its own works fine, as does “%l %p”, but adding %v makes the outlabels not show up at all and there’s no error message. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I believe we discussed via email - but it turned out this was happening because the chart data was a list of strings, whereas the outlabels plugin expects data values to be a list of numbers.