How to export/backup a chart and later import it?

Once a chart is defined in quickcharts is there a way to back it up in our own git repo for future use? I’m concerned about losing the chart config.

I have emailed support about a chart that is now returning 404 and realised I have no backup or notes about how I created it.

Hi @Iain,

To dump the raw contents of a chart, you can append ?format=raw to the chart API URL. This will display the internal JSON representation of the chart, which can be used to reconstruct the request in the chart editor (support can help with this too if you have the raw JSON).

Right now there isn’t a quick Export/Import flow for the Chart Maker. That’s something that I’ll make sure is added to the todo list.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a dump next time. Looks like I need to re-create the 2 charts that have gone MIA.