How to reverse a data order in certain label on Radar Type?


What I’m expecting is the chart output re-adjusted (reverse data order) on label Z and K. Thank you.

    type: 'radar',
                data: {
                  labels: [
                  datasets: [
                      backgroundColor: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)',
                      borderColor: 'rgb(0, 0, 0)',
                      data: [5,3,6,6,2,4,3,1,2,7,4,4,5,6,6,7,4,4,4,7],                                                  

Hi @neowise77, sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean. How are you expecting Z and K to appear differently?

Hi @ian thank you for responding my questions. As you can see in this picture, datasets/value order for Z and K are reversed, while others appear in normal order. Can Quick Chart manage to do this?