How to use tooltips callbacks in Chart Maker?

I am using the chart maker to generate an interactive chart by replacing the ‘/chart/render/’ to ‘/chart-maker/view/’, and the chart displays fine.
But after quite some time of exploration and testing, I could not get tool tip callback functions to work. It feels like the image version of the chart is using V4 version of ChartJS because I specified so, but as soon as I make it interactive using the Chart Maker, it only uses V2 and I don’t see a way to change that. The evidence I have is that the title and tooltips section needs to be placed inside ‘plugins’ in V4 but directly under ‘options’ in V2.
Is there a way for the Chart Maker to use V4 ChartJS? Or if I am mistaken, how do I use tooltip callbacks in Chart Maker?

Hi @milkticc, unfortunately the Chart Maker just runs Chart.js v2 right now. We have plans to upgrade it to v4…

Thanks for the clarifications! In that case, is there any way I can modify / add more content to tooltips?