Is Double bar graph scales option or not

Hi @ian ,
Is Double bar charts supported scales in options like below

 "scales": {
      "yAxes": [
          "scaleLabel": {
            "padding": 4,
            "fontFamily": "sans-serif",
            "labelString": "Test",
            "display": true,
            "lineHeight": 1.2,
            "fontSize": 12,
            "fontStyle": "normal",
            "fontColor": "#666666"

With out adding above part it’s working properly.

If I added
Image is not created properly

Could you please help me with this.
Thank you.

Hi @vKayyuru,

Sorry, not totally clear on what you’re asking here. Could you provide a full configuration or a link to the sandbox and I can take a look?

In general, yes double bar charts (aka bar charts with 2 datasets) are supported.