Make background colors for a radar type QuickChart

Hi all !

Im currently doing a radar type diagram (i will use it with the API url) who should look like this :


As you can see we have 3 background colors for said visualy if the results are too weak (yellow), average (light green) or good (darker green), and i wanted to know if it was possible to do things like this on QuickChart ?

Actually mine look like this :

I would like to add the 3 background color, and also if it was possible to hide the lines of each tick (i know hide the number is possible, but its possible for the lines too ?) so i can have a result the more near possible of the objective

Thanks you in advance !

Hi @Benoit,

You can create an effect similar to your reference image by using the fill attribute of radar datasets. By setting fill: -1, the chart will fill the area between this series and the next series. See the Chart.js documentation on fill modes.

I added in a legend label filter and turned off scale ticks and gridlines to complete the effect.

Example in sandbox

Hope this helps!

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