Migration from Google charts - diagnostics

I have 2 or 3 graphics generated with the Google chart API, and they stopped working a few days ago. So I was very happy to find that I should be able to use almost the same url, just changed to quickchart.io, to get them back. Sadly, it doesn’t work. And the problem is that any deviation from the allowed options result in a string return, so the image does not display, and the string just says “Sorry, can’t do this one”(or words to that effect). Is there any way of getting diagnostics? Here is the current url - I have found that "multiple axes are not supported, so chxt=x,x,r,y will not work, but it would help to get a specific error message…


Hi @Imaginatorium, do you happen to have a saved copy of what the chart used to look like? That will help me troubleshoot, but unfortunately I can’t see what it’s supposed to render because Google Image Charts is down :smiling_face_with_tear:

The “chart configuration is not supported right now” message is hardcoded for a few chart types that would have been very cumbersome to re-implement. There’s a good chance that it is easier to reproduce in the Chart.js format described here, but I understand you’re just looking to get the existing chart up and running again.