Out labeled pie chart documentation

Just wondering if there is any documentation on how to customise the “outabels” of out labeled pie charts? I can seem to find any specific to that chart type (either on quickchart or in the documentation for the chartjs datalabels plugin).
thanks in advance

Hi @Georgia,

The options for customizing outlabels can be viewed at the chartjs-plugin-piechart-outlabels documentation. Also note the formatting and styling customization options here.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks very much for your help. Is there any way to remove the line where it’s behind the label so that you can’t see it when your opacity of the label background colour isn’t 1? (issue shown below)

The easiest way is probably to supply the label background colors in opaque terms. For example, the green color is #cdd893 (full opacity).

I believe the stretch attribute will adjust the length of the line as well. You might be able to fix this by adjusting that parameter.

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How do you go about getting the colours in opaque terms? I am struggling to find a good way to do this. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can open it in an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP and use the eyedropper/color picker tool to grab the HEX codes.

It looks like there are some online tools for this, such as 👍 Color Picker online | HEX Color Picker | HTML Color Picker