Photo plot chart?

I want to create a circle filled in with photos, on Bubble
Is this this chart software the right direction, or should I be looking at other keywords (and if so, what keyworks)

In this chart software, how do I put pictures into bar charts for example?
I found this example, but don’t want to crop the photos:

Chart editor

Thank you! -jz

Hi @initialsjz, looks like images in bubbles using getImageFill aren’t working properly at this time. This is a bit of an unusual use case and something we’ll have to dig into. I’ll put an item in our todos for follow-up.

@ian thanks for responding!

On another note, in a circle chart, can each area of color be linked to a different destination ?

Hi @initialsjz, if I’m understanding correctly you mean linking out to a different webpage. Unfortunately this is not possible with QuickChart right now.