QR Code Excel Template

I downloaded the Excel Template and added the QR Contents (about 13K) and it only generated 97 qr codes and url. Is there a limit? Can you help pls?

Hello, I think we spoke via email but for anyone else running into this issue, the problem is likely that you’re hitting a rate limit on the free plan (about 60 QR codes per minute). This limit is in place to protect availability for other free users.

Hi I’m having the same issue. I want to generate a sheet of about 500 QR codes at a time, maybe 1/week - but as soon as I load the page in Google Sheets, I hit the rate limit and nothing loads for me. I don’t need anything >free version, but I can’t use the service because I hit the limit so quickly. Is there any way to fix this?

Like, if I wait 10 minutes on the page, will the QR codes load all at once?