QR Code generating in excel error

Hello! I am new to the forums and tried searching around to see if I could find the results so I dont double post something that is already said, but when I use this article here: How to generate QR codes with Excel or Google Sheets | QuickChart
When I am copying the formula into my excel sheet “=IMAGE(“https://quickchart.io/qr?text=” & ENCODEURL(A2))” I only get a #NAME? in excel and it tells me that the formula is broken/unusable.
I was wonder if there were some kind of macros I would need to enable in order to get this working?
This is within office 365, most recent version from their webpage. Let me know if theres any other information needed to help!

Hi @kenite12,

If you’re using Excel, make sure to use a copy of the download provided on the article. The sheet includes a macro that provides the IMAGE() function.