QR Code Maker - 1. please add VIEW restriction option 2. doesn't support field with lookup text

The QR code extension on Airtable works very well. I have a small request (big wish) and a comment

  1. If you could add to your extension a restriction to a certain VIEW in the table only. That would be awesome!!!
    Because my view may have only 2 records filtered, but my whole table may have 1000’s of records. Sometimes I forget to select the records and the extension would re-run on all records in the database. That of course is unnecessary since I already generated the QR codes previously and now all of them a generated again so it is waste of time and also isn’t probably good for your server resources.

  2. If the source for the QR code points to a field that is a LOOKUP field from another table, then the QR Code Extension fails to generate the QR code of the text shown in the lookup field, instead, every QR code in the database translates to [object Object]. Every single record has this same QR code, encoded [object Object].
    So I have solved this now by adding an extra FORMULA field and I am simply reading that lookup field in my formula field and now the QR code generation works fine. This is not a big deal but some people may wonder why it doesn’t work with lookup field and they may not know there is an easy fix. So if you can’t generate it from lookup field, maybe you could mention it on your product page in Airtable.


Hi @wogowa8941,

Thanks for these great suggestions. Both are now completed and will be live once Airtable re-reviews the extension.

  1. If you’re in a View, the extension will now just generate QRs for that view.

  2. The extension will correctly take the value of Lookup fields.

Airtable sometimes reviews extensions quickly, but sometimes it can take a while, so I can’t predict when they will release these changes. But rest assured these improvements are completed and ready to go.