Scatter chart with labels


Here’s a simple scatter chart:

Link to chart

Note that the following labels are included in the data:


Is there a way to have each label on the points come from these labels? I.e. display Jan, Feb, etc instead of x: 2, y:4 etc.



Hi Ed,

Yes, this is possible using the datalabels plugin. Here’s a quick example.

This works by adding a formatter to the datalabels plugin:

        "formatter": function(value, context) {
          var idx = context.dataIndex;

The formatter looks up the label according to the datapoint’s position in the dataset.

Hope this helps!

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Amazing, thank you!

I’ve had such a great experience with and your support here has been so helpful.

I don’t need the ‘Professional’ subscription, but signed up for a month anyway to support y’alls great service.


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I was able to get the callback working. Thank you Ian!

Here’s an example (ignore the formatting :joy:):

If I try to load that in the chart maker:

it seems to hang at Fetching chart config...:


Hi Ed,

This is a limitation of the Chart Maker currently. It can’t load Javascript functions that are manually created.

There’s a workaround here: enable the datalabelsZAxis plugin and set the month names as the z value on the datapoint instead of using the labels property. Here’s an example

This means your datapoints would look like this:

  "x": "2",
  "y": "4",
  "z": "Jan",
  "x": "3",
  "y": "3",
  "z": "Feb",

This approach should load just fine in the Chart Maker. Sorry for the trouble.


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Amazing! Got it to work:

Banks in FR Y-9c data :

X axis: (HTM unrealized losses + AFS unrealized losses) / T1C
Y axis: (Loans secured by real estate) / total assets

I’ve divided the datasets into groups based on ‘total assets’, so that you can turn them off to reduce the overlapping.

Thank you!


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If anyone’s curious, here’s the PowerShell script I used to generate the scatter chart.

After sourcing the script, this command generates the chart:



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