Set browser page title in chart-maker


The following chart:

looks as follows in a browser:

Note that the tab title is ‘No-Code Chart Maker’.

Is there a way to specify the title of the tab?



Hi Ed,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve just deployed a change that updates the page title based on the chart. The page title will be set to the chart title if one is set, otherwise the label of the first dataset.

In the example you provided, the page is now titled “Net Liquidity (billions USD)”.

There are two follow-ups that we’re considering:

  • Adding a fully customizable page title field.
  • Including chart title in embeds (e.g. in Slack, Twitter, or even the link in the original post).

These changes are not scoped yet. But for now, hope this helps!


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I came home, ran the script again, noticed the page titles and thought, huh, that’s funny.

Then I instantly realized you probably implemented the feature! :star_struck:

The customizable page title field would be awesome!

In the above example, I’d likely leave the chart title “Net Liquidity (billions USD)”, but I’d set the page title to something like:

net-liquidity.ps1 : Net Liquidity (billions USD)

To indicate the name of the app that generated it:

And yes, the immediate change is already very helpful.

Thank you Ian!