Set Color Of Specific Tick

Im trying to set the color of a specific tick, it looks like recent versions of chart.js allow you to do this by passing in an array of colors (color: […,…,…]). This does not seem to work even when passing v=4 into the url. It looks like the only version thats working is the default 2.9.4 since toggling the “use chart.js v3” option in the sandbox does not allow me to use “color” instead of “fontColor” which looks to be no longer supported in later versions of chart.js. Below is the sandbox url for the chart im working with, lines 41-46 is what I think I need to set the color of the last tick.


Hi @Fiaai,

You’re pretty close with Chart.js v3+ - the only problem is that the scales object is defined by scales.x and scales.y instead of scales.xAxes and scales.yAxes.

Here is your example modified to use v3 axes and color the last X axis label: sandbox link

Relevant Chart.js docs

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