Setting font weight for YAxes tick label

Hi everyone,

I feel like there is going to be a really simple solution to this but I can’t for the life of me work it out…I’m looking to apply a light font weight to a bar chart Y axes…I can set it for the data labels but can’t seem to get it working for the Axes labels

Sandbox example here

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


So it looks like the font weight doesn’t quite work as expected…but the option to adjust the font weight on the axes only seems to only be V3 of chartjs. So have adapted the config to V3 and can now adjust the settings. It doesn’t look like it changes much apart from ‘Bold’ but think we’ve gotten to what we were looking for.

Sandbox example: here

Hey David,

Sorry I missed this post. It looks like V2 has a fontStyle property which can be used to set the weight (docs).

But like you noticed, the default font doesn’t really have built-in support for the “light” weight option. This is something we can look into…

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