Setting up font weight in the word cloud chart

Hi there,

I am using the word cloud chart to create a word cloud for a dynamic report. I would like to use a Roboto font but set the weight to bold (700), however I havent figured out how to properly configure this setting. I have tried setting the value of “fontFamily” as “Roboto:700” but it doesnt seem to do anything.

This is my request data JSON.

var request_data = {
format: ‘png’,
width: width,
height: height,
fontScale: 15,
scale: ‘linear’,
removeStopwords: true,
minWordLength: 4,
text: req.body.text,
loadGoogleFonts: “Roboto”,
fontFamily: “Roboto:700”,
backgroundColor: ‘#ffffff’,
colors: colors,
rotation: 90,
maxNumWords: 100,
language: ‘en’,
padding: 7

When you get a chance if you can provide some direction on how to properly set the font weight in the Word cloud chart, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you,

Hi @Andres,

We have just added support for a fontWeight parameter in the Word Cloud API.

Note that not all fonts support font weight, but bold should work with Roboto. Non-web fonts are supported in PNG outputs. Here’s an example:


Hope this helps!