Span Null Values - Chart Maker

Maybe I’ve missed it, I dont’ see the option to span Null when there is a null value in a data set.

Data = 1,2,3, ,5
Labels = 1,2,3,4,5

ideally, the null value doesn’t appear as 0. it should be nonexistent or the line should span the gap

Hey Jared, can you link me to an example template where you see this behavior?


adding ‘null’ as a value in the data allowed a gap to occur. ideally, i can set it to span gap. would that be possible in the near future?

Hi Jared,

You’re right that “null” is a special value. We’ve just added support for the spanGaps Chart.js setting. You can see this under dataset settings:

Default null value behavior: the chart shows a gap

null value behavior with “span gaps”: the chart joins the line

Hope this helps!

Sick! Thank you!! Your customer service is top notch!