Template stops working after some time

Hey, so I’ve been using the templates like this “https://quickchart.io/chart/render/sf-1e799ea0-1f7c-4682-a5d9-35c014ca8617” and it works fine.

Though, after about a week, it breaks. It doesn’t render any more new graphs and I have to create a new template link every time.

It’s not used that much, it’s probably called about 4-5 times a day. What could be the problem? Anybody else have this issue? Thanks

Do you get an error?

I posted a question as my graphs have disappeared. Looking like I need to create them from scratch, which after 1 year is not easy to remember.

I think when typing the link there’s an error, but I’m not sure. Previously cached graphs will continue to show I believe. I’ll update back when it happens again

For reference, I get a 404 for graphs I have not used in awhile.

Hi @Iain and @Hyporos,

Short URLs created with the /chart/create endpoint on the free tier have a guaranteed lifetime of 3 days. The Professional plan extends this lifetime to 6 months (or more if desired). @Hyporos is correct that the cache may extend this lifetime past the published expiry.

Charts created with the Chart Maker tool currently have a lifetime of 60 days, and the timer is refreshed when they are rendered (this means that a template works indefinitely, as long as it’s used regularly).

We’re looking into ways to make the free tier more user-friendly with indefinite expiration. The problem i that right now there aren’t user accounts for the free tier. Although that makes it easy to use, it means that we need to enforce a expiry instead of letting users maintain a smaller number of short URLs indefinitely.

Hope this clarifies and let me know if you have any questions.

I can see now that there is an Account option bottom left of chart maker to link to a api key.

Regarding “or more if desired”, how do we extend beyond 6 months? I suspect the client sat on the app for awhile, and the chart has now gone.

Thanks for the info! I do happen to be using a template though, and it still seems to expire for some reason. It’s being used regularly (3-5 times a day) so it should stay working, no? Once the link breaks again I can send it over for debugging

Here, this link has just broken again: https://quickchart.io/chart/render/sf-1e799ea0-1f7c-4682-a5d9-35c014ca8617

Hi @Hyporos,

Your URL is made with the /chart/create endpoint on the free plan, so its lifetime is 3 days and it does not refresh on use.

Here’s a summary of expiration behavior as of today:

Free Tier Professional Plan
API 3 days 6 months
Can be extended by contacting support
Chart Maker 60+ days
Expiration is reset when rendered
6+ months
Expiration is reset when rendered

I’ve also added this table to the documentation.

Hope this helps!

Hey @ian

Thanks again for the response. But is my URL not the /chart/render endpoint? It’s what I get when pressing on “Save as template”. Using the chart maker as well, which you said should be indefinite as long as it’s being used.


Bump. still confused as i am not using the /chart/create endpoint thus i shouldn’t have this issue.

this is the code i’m using

 const xLabels = getLabels("x");
    const yLabels = getLabels("y");
    const graphColor = user.graphColor || "255,189,213";
    const borderColorAlpha = graphColor !== "255,189,213" ? 0.7 : 0.6;

    const url = `${bot[0].graphTemplate}?labels=${xLabels}&data1=${yLabels}&borderColor1=rgba(${graphColor},${borderColorAlpha})&backgroundColor1=rgba(${graphColor},0.4)`;

graphTemplate is https://quickchart.io/chart/render/sf-e3dd6de4-3eea-4b81-88c0-fc5b4fde2fa4

edit: i could very well be wrong but thats just what it looks like to me. if it is using the /chart/create, how can i use the /chart/render instead?