Trying to send chart URL with data where only 1 comma allowed

Hi. Looking for some help here. I am not a developer.
I am using the API template to generate a chart image URL which I am then embedding in a dynamic google slide to create multiple slides with a data specific chart for each slide.

The problem I have is that the URL for the slide generator uses a comma to parse the image URL and the image attribute. so only the first data point is being rendered on the chart.

Sample of the chart:,5,5,8,4,8,3,7,8,9,2,5,5,3

The URL format I am passing to the slide generator: (IMAGE:type=url,id=anyUrl,replacemethod=CENTER_INSIDE)

However, the image notation is only picking up the first data point (the 7) and assumes the comma after is the end of the image URL.
How do I get the whole chart image URL into the notation?

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you!

(I know we discussed via email, but copying the solution here so others can see)

The easiest way to do this is to replace the commas with %2C. The string %2C is the url-encoded form of comma.

For example:

Hope this helps!