Word Cloud will not recognize some Google Fonts

Hello everyone and thank you, Ian, for such a great API, I’ve been having a blast playing around with it!

I do have one question regarding setting fonts in Word Clouds. I’ve looked up older posts, but they don’t really answer my question.
It seems like some Google fonts are ignored, for example if I try to set it to “Dancing Script” or “‘Dancing Script’, cursive”, it falls back to the default font. I’ve tried both png and svg formats. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? Are some Google fonts not supported? Is there a list of supported ones?

Here’s a sample JSON I’m sending:

    "format": "png",
    "text": "hello world this is a test",
    "width": 1200,
    "height": 1200,
    "loadGoogleFonts": "Dancing Script",
    "fontFamily": "Dancing Script",
    "fontScale": 25,
    "backgroundColor": "transparent",
    "maxNumWords": 100,
    "scale": "linear",
    "removeStopwords": true,
    "language": "en"

Thank you!

Hi @Christina,

Google Fonts work for SVG only. I know you said you tried both formats, but can you double check your SVGs? The example you provided works when I switch “format” to “svg”.

Here’s an example: